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We are doing whatsapp advertising join hands with us and get the best results


As we know WhatsApp was launched in 2009. Since then, it will become a sensation among people. It has gained a huge number of active users. According to a recent research, In 2018 WhatsApp crossed over more than 1.3 billion active users. They are continuously increasing day by day.

Today, this viral marketing technique has taken place over traditional social media marketing. As everyone uses mobile phones, it becomes easy for marketers to reach their targeted audience by sending them promotional messages, videos or audio files. The most important aspect lies in the fact that it has such a vast number of users and its versatility of audio, video and picture messages makes him the foremost choice of every enterprise because every organization wants to reach their audience in large number with their suitable choices. Our platform provides you the freedom to do so.

In the recent times, WhatsApp marketing has become the latest trend in the field of digital marketing. The main reason behind this is the fact that the majority of the population of the target audience uses a Smartphone and WhatsApp for socializing. A huge number of business owners are interested to know how to use WhatsApp for business promotion and they are willing to go for it. There are some key factors: -

Mass Marketing
40%-50% people response to WhatsApp messages
High Return of Investment (ROI)

Make Stranger Market People know you are doing real property and insurance business

With the huge contact database listing we have, you could make more people know what business you are doing and they would have your contact once the message reaches them. You would generate a lot of the immeasurable sales from there.


We are Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Service Provider and leader in providing Bulk WhatsApp Advertizing or Marketing. As a bulk WhatsApp service provider we will connect you with your customers wherever they are at anytime with just a click of button. To maintain the accuracy of our work, we have redundant network of servers to ensure instant up to 100% delivery of WhatsApp messages to ensure maximum successful messages delivery within minimum timeframe. We are an innovative bulk messaging Service Provider Company focusing on providing a cost efficient business solution. And we provide Bulk WhatsApp Text, Images, Audio, and Videos Marketing Service at lowest rates.

Through our WhatsApp Marketing Service, We have been delivering innovative mobile messaging service across world. Our bulk WhatsApp Text, Images, Audio, Videos package is loaded with all the features which are currently available in the industry. Now you only pay for WhatsApp messages send to only WhatsApp enabled phones and save your money on sending messages on numbers without knowing if number is WhatsApp enabled or Not? Our WhatsApp filtering enables you to separate live WhatsApp numbers from inactive numbers.



We are providing different types of WhatsApp Messaging Services as: -

Bulk Text WhatsApp message.

Bulk Images, Audio and Video WhatsApp message.

Bulk messages in the form of URL’s.

  • WhatsApp is a very powerful tool for communication among people. We will send more than millions of promotional messages to the various users or customers. You can simply reach a vast quantity of audience by the mode of our platform.
  • We have the Number Filter Service in our platform and complete list of target audience’s contact numbers. So if you want to send your advertisement to female customers only then we will send it to them only. If your advertisement is related to students or males then we will send them respectively. Our platform has the flexibility among contacts. We will categorize our contact numbers according to your need or suitability.
  • We have millions of Active WhatsApp numbers stored in our database.
  • Our platform provides you 100% accuracy and reliability. We do not only say that but we proof that.
  • No need to worry about validity of advertising period. We give lifetime validity.
  • Your data is secured and encrypted you can be 100% secured about quality of service and support by our team. We provide you full accuracy in our work.
  • We provide you with the full report of your marketing campaign which we have discussed in the get campaign report section.
  • Our customer care team is always there to answer all your queries and issues, at anytime and from anywhere.


Any tool that is being used for business needs to be measured. Our platform provides you with the option to see data for the number of messages sent and received. We generate the full report of number of sent messages and number of messages which got the response out of the sent messages. By this you can keep your eye on our marketing campaign.


This is the most valid question and now let’s see the difference:-

Access any WhatsApp number globally: -

This will catch the attention and pull the customers to purchase and invest in the products and services of your brand.

Send audio, video and pictures

You can send audio, video files, pictures through WhatsApp. Video, audio and pictures worth more than the thousands of word.

Get WhatsApp replies: -

This element permits you to compare and monitor about what Marketing campaign work superior to the others through the sort of response that you will get from customers or we can say the feedbacks of customers.

Digitalized marketing: -

It enables you to automate your messages and permits you to get control over it.

Affordable: -

When it comes to advertising your brand, every entrepreneur seeks ways to minimize the marketing costs. WhatsApp help you to reduce the cost and expense of your marketing strategy.

Send messages to DND numbers: -

As mobile networks are flooded with millions of messages a day. Clients tend to put their numbers in “Don’t Disturb” directory to prevent message spam. With WhatsApp there are no such limitations. Advertisers can send their promotional messages without offending DND.

Improve productivity: -

It improves your business productivity. By voice broadcasting your message is delivered instantly and accurately. Therefore, this service improves productivity and response.

Brand presence: -

With our voice broadcasting service people will know about you and about your brand. So, this is the perfect platform to increase your brand presence and reputation in industry.

Fast service: -

WhatsApp marketing can reach a huge numbers of customers within a short duration of time. Due to the immense use of WhatsApp in the recent times, the marketing campaign is a successful one with WhatsApp marketing.