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Detailed information for hiring & freelancer in our website

Find ideal projects

  • In our website, we will provide you various variety of project so that you can choose your choice of project and submit bids.
  • You have freedom to work on this project we will highlight ideal project for you.
  • Highest payment mode: while you are working on an ideal or best project, we are paying and top price for get work.
  • Way to success: the greater you work on successful project you are more likely to be hired on a number of high level project.

What type of project should any one get on our website?

A freelancer can get a wide variety of project available on various categories, search here to see all project and it categories.

Work systematically :

In every project our website provide you and work space to communicate with your team by providing:

  • You can deliver and receive files : for this our website provide you an secure environment.
  • You can share feedback online : for this our website provide you various communication mediums, like text, chats, email etc.
  • We have mobile application : when you are on go, you can do some work using features of mobile phone.

How does myfreelancer.co.in helps anyone to manage work?

Our website provides you an best user platform to manage work ,we help you chat and share files ,and get paid .

For fixed price projects :-

  • You can set an deadline for each part of project with your project owner.
  • Submit each part of project ,so that you will get your funds from project owner.