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What type of work project should be done on your website ?

Any work that you can done through a computer , can be done on our website. Freelancer’s you find in marketplace can do, various variety of projects – big or small projects , individual projects or team based projects . Whether you need an software developer or an mobile app developer or to create a web portal you will find talented freelancer’s in our website , and our website is ready to support your business.

See, our how to hire freelancer page

What the difference between finding clients online versus locally?

Advanced technology is making online works much easier and feels like similar to local work with added speed cost and quality advantages. Online work possible to do anywhere wherever there is a reliable internet connection – like office, home, café, rooftop. It means you can also choose where you want to work.

How does XYZ make money?

Our website will take an charge of 20% , 10 % or 5% from the freelancer’s , as a service fee which depends on the total amount they have billed with a client or customer.

What is the top rated program?

Our top rated program is designed to show the talent of those freelancer’s who consistently developer at the top level of their work field.


How do I get started freelancing through your website?

All you need for starting freelancing is a mobile phone or PC or an internet connection and your skills. Your next step is to create a great freelancer profile to showcase your business.

You should have to take it as an introduction or resume of your business related to following skills :-

  • Your experience , skills and portfolio.
  • Education and achievement .
  • Online test result.

You should have to prepare your profile as complete profile well written faults error free , features like and professional; etc.

Who can find freelance opportunities online?

Anyone who have amazing skills and an internet connection can use our website to find opportunity and build his /her business. A no. of job posted daily having various opportunity those who have right skills.

What is the best way to work with a client online ?
  • When you work with your client online, so in many ways , it is like working with other clients.
  • To be successful , you have to work in field . You are qualified for and should communicate well with your clients related to work or project.
Choose your project carefully ?

When you interview for your project , you should have to take a well interview of your client .Ask question to your client about your project and evaluate your desired result.

Start your job strong?

When you are hired , you have to make communication with your client related to your project. You both can decide and make goals of how you will work together in project and choose the best mode of communication.

Make communication Clearly ?

Make proper communication with your clients , at least one in a week , if they don't want or don’t ask you have try for it , so that you have an idea about what type of work or your work is in which level of progress , is it going right or not.

Ensure client satisfaction

Firstly you have to submit an small part of your project, and you have to check wither the freelancer is doing your project correctly or according to your needs or not.

When you make contract, make sure that your client have everything they need.

How can I find the right freelance project?

In our website we will provide you search and matching capability that helps you find the best project related to your field of interest.

To determine your type of job, you want to search for:

  • Small project or longer firm project.
  • How many hours you will give to project.
  • Want fixed price project or hourly project.
How does your website help me to manage my work?

Our website provides you an user friendly platform to share files chat and make communication with your client.

For fixed price project:

  • Set dealing for your project each part.
  • Submit work of each segment.
  • Fixed price protection keeps fund secure for each segment.
What kind of client can I find on your website?

In our website we have top client who are businessman, who want to make their small project or large project.

What your preference is, you will have the opportunity to work with company you like their projects.

Why should I freelancer through your website ?

Our website gives you freedom to work anytime from anywhere through our website you can grow your business with ongoing opportunities. We offer you three advantages

You want find offline :-

  • You will find better opportunity , like various freelancer , clients and project etc.
  • Have built in security.
  • Repetitive website
How much Can I earn?

This is up to you in our website freelancers set their own rate.

How much does up work Cost ?

In our website , its free to join us we receive 20% , 10%,5% fee from every payment depends on the amount billed to client.